Alan's Hobbies

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Here are a few pictures of what I get up to when work gives me a break.

This is my Raptor 90, still unfinished and unflown. Maybe 2012 will see it fly

My Shuttle is getting a bit old now but as it is seriously upgraded with all alloy mechanical parts will go on for a while yet.

My latest is a E-Razor 450. Just a small cheap electric but it does fly well and the parts are really cheap from the US. I have taken to importing them in bulk as they are hard to get and more expensive in the UK.

I do keep many spares for all my machines if any one needs parts I will sell at good prices. This especially applies to the imported E-Razor parts.

Contact me if you need some bits.

These are two pictures of me after finishing the London - Brighton run. These were two consecutive years and both done on my Specialized ‘Rock Hopper’

My Marin is a soft tail and a little heavy for the long runs, as I found out the following year to this picture. I did make the run but it was hard work.